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Take it easy with Powershop Lite

Stay in control with fixed price energy for the length of your tariff. Available for electricity only or your gas and electricity combined.

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  • Free smartphone app

    See how much energy you’re using and when with our free app or online account

  • Fixed monthly payments

    No more surprises or unexpected bills

  • Fixed term tariff

    And no exit fees if you ever want to leave

You know where you stand with Powershop Lite

  • Available exclusively online and through our free smartphone app, Powershop Lite puts you in charge of your energy.
  • Get fixed energy prices with fixed monthly payments by direct debit for the length of your term – and you can leave at any time without paying any exit fees.
  • You get a free smartphone app which shows you exactly how much energy you’re using and when.
  • You can compare your energy use to previous days, weeks or months to understand your habits and see your estimated future energy use.
  • Enter your meter readings as often as you like to keep your energy use up to date and avoid surprising bills.
  • Use Powershop Lite as a stepping stone towards our Powershop Pro product – use Lite to learn about your energy use whilst enjoying the comfort of fixed monthly payments.

Ready to switch?

Switching from your current energy provider to Powershop is simple. A few minutes of your time is all it takes. Sign up online, get an instant quote and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even tell your current energy provider, so you don’t have to break the bad news.

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